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Master of The Vortex

Our Dreams weave Reality and our Reality weaves into our Dreams. So it was that I came one night to a place I know so well, and yet within this physical reality it makes no sense to say this. Somewhere in the mountains there is a community of people related to us, and yet through this time space they remain as out of reach as 'Shambala'. They may talk to us in our dreams. Perhaps in order to bring the two realities together as one.

In this place that I visit when I am asleep, colours have a different depth. Dreams seem closer to reality. The mountains can be felt as a living reality through the psyche. Emotions are balanced, because they are connected in a healthy way to the web of life, and not simply to the desires of the self. Texture is sensed through the mind by the mind, and is not merely a physical awareness. As we approached the mountains I became aware that I was flying. They live upon and in the mountains somewhere in our future. We are both their past and their future as one.

As hard as it is to live through this present time. It is true to say that we are connected to the future in an advanced way. The power we are using to balance this present twist in space-time is the Light we share in the future. We are ourselves in the future looking back. The moments we share now are the building blocks of that new world. It is not through chance that we visit those sacred places in our dreams, sharing their realities and bringing this reality back to the earth with open eyes in the morning light.

Right at the top of the highest mountains I saw a community of people living in complete harmony with their surroundings. There were advanced structures built with care, but most of the living space had been carefully created inside the rock. Each person in the community was developing a particular gift, a certain kind of inner power. They were doing this for the joy of it, and for the learning it would bring to all of them. The freedom to move is related to the inner power of learning.

I wandered around, discovering caverns of crystals where women worked with their power. The stones and rock crystals were awesome. Inside one of the caverns, a large and beautifully cut staircase spiralled downwards to a polished floor of stone. The whole place was so utterly clean. Silent. Peaceful.

Entering the Vortex

It was here that I came to a creation of natural precious stones. An alcove woven into the curving spiral of the stairway. The natural growth of rock had been left untouched. Everything else around was polished and smooth. There was a pool of water under the alcove. As though through some kind of magic the water transformed itself into a powerful vortex. It was in that moment that a man appeared at my side. Like some master magician born from the energy within the vortex itself.

For some reason I was fascinated with this spiralling movement of unknown power. An energy that was neither water nor energy. It appeared to be something beyond the two. The master of the vortex told me to watch the energy moving. In the same moment he jumped into the middle of the vortex and with one clap of his hands caused its movement to disappear. The vortex was gone. I woke out of the dream.

Weaving our own Reality
As timeless space
To cross the bridge of Dreams ...

It was through this dream that I began to see two subtle realities woven together on this earth. Connected to us are higher beings, who define our reality in ways we cannot yet understand. They interact with us in hidden and unseen ways. It has come about that a portal has opened between those two worlds. Those we are in the future are working with us in very real ways here and now. They are opening energy doors into this world. Through which they enter as a perceivable reality.

The time for secrets has ended

The human mind has to go beyond dreaming as a symptom of the psychological disorder we create in our daily life. Dreams, even when we do not remember them, are doorways connecting this world with other worlds. Since meeting the Master of the Vortex my life has changed completely. Just as he was able to command Reality through entering the Vortex, so too his powers have entered our world, to change it beyond all recognition.

It is we ourselves - on this side - who have the power to connect and in so doing Create a new Reality for ourselves. The true nature of Time is not a linear progression. In fact, time is a compression of energy localised in one spot. That one spot of compression is what we call space. All realities within one time vortex is a compression of the Now. Within this progression we call time our own selves exist across the full spectrum of the past, present and the future. The inner isolation from those selves creates what we call 'The Passage of Time.' When in fact the only true Passage is through time .. and not into it.

No one can truly say what time is, because who can measure the passing of Eternity as a linear progression, when this linear progression does not actually exist. The mind that can observe time passing is the Mind that exists outside of Time and Space. This dream showed me that having created a particular future, the creator of this future - ourselves - are working here and now to change what we do within this time space. To change the outcome. We have given birth to, and we carry with us, entities of fear. Shadows that haunt us. Shadows that we created.

As we deal with the difficulties we face in life, we are also dealing with those self-created fears. Meeting up with them again and again through each incarnation. Having woven their reality out of our own life force, we are then responsible for their progression. The fears are the parts of ourselves we have thrown away. The original energy being one of completion. It makes sense then that we enter the inner vortex of those fears and reclaim this energy. Building a new future as we dissolve the illusions of the past.

The Masters of Reality are ourselves connected to the past and the future. Change one and we change the other. When a few people begin to work with their own visitors from the future, the present situation can be transformed. No outer event is as powerful as the individual inner event. It is within the inner reality that we create our world.

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