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Hall of Tablets

quartz crystal The underground passage opened up into a wide hall of tapered collums. As soon as we approached the first doorway, the chamber lit up with an ambient light. To the right and to the left, layers of crystal tablets were carefully laid out on polished marble steps. We felt we had entered a library of sorts; but one that was left for us. A time-bridger of extraordinary proportions ..

Soul Imprint

The crystal tablets were surprisingly light to hold. They seemed to come alive, activating immediately at the sign of human touch. The information encoded in the crystal tablets did not present itself for viewing unless the person holding the tablet signalled a mind-search. There was a detailed and stunning wealth of information covering much of our human history; but this was not 'historical' in the usual sense. We became aware of a soul imprint detailing the work that had been part of each time-zone .. dream^codex time^travel coherence crystal^tor seeds of light zen of stars foreseen beyond time

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