Integrity of The Shield

If you can imagine that the human energy field would perhaps look from head to foot something like swirling bands of energy surrounding the physical form. This energy looks like a single light vortex in motion.

Now imagine through our own inner divisions and conflicts, that the human form is not surrounded by a single light energy vortex, but it is divided into many small vortices, all swirling in their own directions and competing with each other.

Now all these little vortices are you. A fragmented you. For whatever reason each of them has separated itself from the one vortex of light that would make up your being in a complete sense. Each individual vortex is spinning on its own, because it has its own individual experiences. Each one has its own ideas of how to do things better. Some are able to cooperate others are at odds with each other.

As each individual vortex is drawing on the one single incarnated energy within your body, there is an energy loss through conflict and division. The energy shield is fragmented, and strong inner conflicts can lead to illness. The Matrix of illusion would have us believe that the conflict is outside. In reality the conflict is inside us. It is the inner conflict and not the outer conflict that does damage to our lives.

My spirit shield was taken to an ancient space, where a fire lights the centre of the circle. I know this place as the Sacred Kiva uniting male and female forces outside the sphere of the earth. The women form the first circle. However, both the Council of men and the Council of women called me to this place. What they showed me forms the basic ground of the StarShield.

A Light Energy shield forms the ground of being. Within that shield, exist many light energy forms. Patterns of energy that have experienced many life times on this earth, and upon other planets in the universe. It is possible that there is great wisdom within some. It can be that there are carriers of fears, violence, hurts and sorrows within the life shield. That there is some part burdened with guilt, or with anguish. Damaged parts of ourselves.

As my spirit appeared before the Council of Women, directly within the central fire, I was shown how this light field Incarnated at the centre of the wheel. The shield connects all aspect of myself through a single thread of energy. Standing at the centre of the circle it is my task, my responsibility to get all aspects of my own being to work together as one.

En-lightenment for the Council of Women is the inner unifying process of one Light one Energy that is free from all inner conflict, that is free of all inner division. When individual aspects of our own inner being merge together as one light we are En-lightened. This act of One Light is not the search for the top of the mountain. It is the beginning of the journey into reality. The inner reality reflecting the universal reality of Oneness.

Standing at the centre of my light shield it became painfully clear how, through the illusion of inner isolation, we divide ourselves and fear the unity of life. Each spinning vortex has its own sense of self. It makes its own demands based on the character of its spin. If a vortex is particularly fixed in a negative spin, it will cause illness regardless of the fact that it is destroying itself in the process.

The Council of Women showed me that each person is responsible for aligning their own energy shield as a complete and singular entity, totally integrated, the intent of inner cooperation ending the individual divisions. The lessons we learn are integrated into the Light as one inner Source.

The EnergyShield is the StarShield. It is a simple process to bring all the individual aspects together. It is much harder for us to live within the many divisions we have created for ourselves. Each inner division drains us, making life harder for us. The difficulties we create then further drain our energy. The problem being that the more energy the many different spins draw from the central core, the more those individual spins will disrupt our own lives as well as the lives of those around us.

No outside force can align the way energy spins within the human being. This process of unity can only be achieved from within. When the storm is raging outside, the master remains inwardly still, listening to his own heart, paying attention to his own mind.

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