Secret Passage

You who are my friend, whose passage echoes in Ancient hallways, whose footsteps resonate through the silent corridors of a timeless void. Your presence visits me here in this small space of earthly existence. Your timeless vision extends into a universe of unknown futures and whispers of stars and space. Your light shadow casts its petroglyphs upon the red stone canyons. Your energy entered the void when the trees sent white blossoms into that eternal place. At some point in the future those white blossoms became diamonds within the crystal rock, and your presence was welcomed by those who live in the depths of the planet our future ancestors will find.

In the most difficult moment it was your wisdom that I searched for, only to find silence, a haunting silence that seemed to chill my bones. The eyes of our future looked back at me with a silent vigil that seemed to understand, and yet; the stillness knew no answer and my eyes knew nothing other than the frail shadows of your drawings on the stones of time. Those same drawings echo on the red stone walls of earth, and worlds whose names we have never spoken. Do those elegant lines connect us to the future and unknown lives?

The elegance of my friend is like the timeless water rolling in from the sea. Who of us can say that any wave is anything less than supreme? Impossible to capture, and yet it is possible to see those precise and spontaneous waves washing upon the shore. As the gaze of our future washed over the shores of our ignorance and doubt, a single sound seemed to come from the lines so carefully drawn on the red stone walls. Out of those ancient lines a man began to draw dark and complex lines on paper. His hand was exact in his seemingly chaotic waves of resonant design. His drawings on paper reflecting his timeless designs displayed in the crystal halls and caverns we seek but do not find. Each line, impossible to distinguish as a path, drew the observer into a deeper understanding of their own pathless journey, the mystery of life.

The sound of my friend whose intensity drew those elegant lines upon the caverns of the soul, were heard on the earth in sketches and subtle moments of remembrance. The eyes cast shadows upon the drawings where only the heart can enter. Perhaps if you close your eyes you will see the drawings more clearly than you do when you look with critical misunderstanding of the path you have created. Perhaps if your eyes echoed with the resonance of your heart you would hear the lines echoing with the underground flow of water as it winds through those ancient crystal caverns of your mind.

You who are my friend looked back with pathless and fathomless eyes, into our present future and out of this the chaotic lines you wove onto paper spoke in secret wordless visions to the ones who know. The caverns were places of crystal joy, where laughter was common and flowed naturally like the spring of water falling over those diamonds, the brightest diamonds. Did I see your soul mirrored within the depths of a diamond existence? Perhaps the lines you drew upon the paper were created out of some unknown kind of light? Perhaps the light you drew was created out of the crystal diamonds where the laughter fell most often, together with the water and sound.

I wandered far and yet I retained a place for you in my heart. This is the human journey. To explore the passages of light and yet remain somewhat separate from that light. As though the illusion of separateness could bring oneness, and that was why the people of the crystal caverns laughed and why the sound of their laughter reached us through those careful and chaotic lines, drawn with the hand of a master through the prism of life.

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