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Hall of Scribes

quartz crystal They had constructed an underground pyramid in the desert .. how brilliant of them! How did they build such a magnificent structure underground and why? The first passage we found lead to the 'Hall of the Scribes'.

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We combine imagination with artistic skills. Able to see and communicate with the Invisible Realms since childhood, we wove together a mythology of light. Dreams bring the unknown into 3 Dimensional reality. The unknown germinates seeds-of-light. Out of these seeds our world is altered and transformed.

We are artists and artisans looking to find a way back to our original form. Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich left a subtle trail for us. Both were working with the same energy in different ways. Orgone Dream Codex first showed us that the human mind interacts with and directs 'orgone energy'. Then came time-travel...

It always was about time-travel. We were just not aware of how important this mystery is to the human species. Time^Travel Coherence explored the complex subject of the spiritual dimension of all cycles on Earth, all forms of a higher form of spiritual 'time-travel'. Later came the crystals, without which there is no future 3D physical time-travel.

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