Sacred Landscape

I gaze upon an intense golden halo of light, hovering like a silent sunrise of ancient souls a sacred landscape. A deep blue canopy belonging to other worlds embraces the curving horizon. The stars appear in the night sky. But here there is only the penetrating blue layers of another world, and a vacant memory of fleeting moments, that speak of words long lost to the sounds of men walking across desert floors with the stars overhead.

Did you look into the canopy of stars that night as you crossed the sand dunes of our existence, and did you see my gaze watching you along the starry backbone of the Milky Way as I share your crossing?

The young men pull their turquoise blue robes tighter across their Sirian blue eyes, and perhaps in that moment you looked out and saw a glimmer of our laughter. I watched you move with them, step upon careful step, knowing that you would one day return and that our final moment was delayed only by the passing of sacred landscapes.

In crystal caverns of light, I paused to watch the passing galaxies of golden particles swirling from your soul. At some point your eyes looked up, free from the drifting sands below, seeing the vortex of light. In that moment you remembered, and the deep blue canopy of the other world became our eyes.

I looked through the intense golden halo of light, hovering like a silent sunrise of ancient souls that mirror our birth. A golden light belonging to other worlds embraced the curving horizon of our shared existence. It seemed, for a moment, that the stars drifting silently above the desert drifted into my dreams.

You always loved the mountains, and we would laugh and say you could find a mountain existence within a particle of sand. So I watch you and your small band cross the midnight blue dunes. The deep pools swirl into shallow steps as the grains of sand fold into a million stars, and disappear.

With the sun barely on the horizon you finally arrive at the oasis. The stars twinkle between a faint breeze of palm leaves. Lost in the centre, a small pool of light reflects a perfect existence. Did the water reflect our distant memories of the day we laughed and looked for a mountain path to another world? I watch the water below and for a moment I see you laugh again, because your companions tease you. As they drink you pause to look up at the sparkling seeds of light in a sacred landscape.

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