Finding Nirvana

A small group of men and women appeared at the window Remote Viewers know as the edge of reality. They were dressed in tightly fitting dark grey overalls, almost military style in their appearance. There was silence behind the group, a grey area hidden from the strong light that filled the main area they had entered. Their world seemed to function quietly, precisely, without noise.

The leader of the group came forward. His eyes were keen, showing a high intelligence. From the way he moved it was clear that his training was exact. His behaviour was beyond efficient, he moved with an exactness of observation and awareness that translated into an almost cold attitude. In his eyes, however, there was a glimmer of softness, a gentleness, a look beyond hope.

The men and the women were obviously used to being together, they emanated a feeling of a strong unspoken understanding that goes beyond telepathy into other realms. If you observed them on a dark night standing near the intersection of a lonely highway, you would most likely assume that they are not of this world. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

I knew this group had contacted me because they were in some kind of need. As the leader of the group came forward I received an incredible amount of information about them, who they are and why they appear here – in our time zone – at this particular time in the earth’s history.

They were what you could describe as modern Nazis, although they wore no visible insignia on their grey overalls. They had no need. I became aware of the intense dislike they felt for their fellow humans, almost a hatred, a bitter distaste. Their society had reached the highest level of scalar energy. It functioned smoothly, noiselessly, with its own efficient precision, without questions – they had the answers.

They told me that they were the descendants of a group on earth who secretly utilised and developed scalar technology. They had manipulated time, created weapons people today cannot imagine exist, and had over many lifetimes become who they are today. They told me that today for them is our tomorrow, if we choose to go in that direction.

The men and women were the product of careful breeding and of precise genetic manipulation. Their overall life span is ten times what we know on earth. They had clinically eliminated most of the undesired elements through biological selection and as yet undiscovered manipulative processes of the human gene.

For generations they had carefully followed the secret protocols, which entailed moving towards some pre-destined goal. They sought for and eventually found together the knowledge of the ancients.

They showed me the actual moment when they achieved the imagined dream of countless generations. It had been a routine day of continued experimentation and searching. They had completed the time loop and were involved in manipulating events in another time zone that would lead to the death and destruction of millions of human beings.

Because of the intricate nature of reality the time loop contained multiple branches, of which they had to isolate one. Key areas on earth served as a counterpoint to their connecting lines of time-space, pyramids, mountain caves, Men-an-Tol. The time loop slid and they found a window opening as their target faded.

There was a standard procedure for dealing with time loop distortions: simply disconnect and begin again. The technicians froze as they held the door open. The secondary time loop dissolved and the small group stood looking at “The Sign”. It was the sign of a very old, very ancient secret knowing within the organisation. It was the goal they had set out to achieve countless generations before. The technicians locked onto the co-ordinates. They finalised the connection. The window opened before them.

There were tears in my eyes as I watched the whole reality unfold before them. The window of the Sign opened up into Nirvana. Human beings who had all but lost their humanity stood before the door of reality the Shamans know as the path of heart: the way without a way. In that moment they knew who they are, why they exist and what they had done.

I experienced with them the opening of the heart. I experienced their joy, the peace, and the absolute purity of that moment. Unsought, unlooked for and totally unexpected they had come to the point of their own soul and a spiritual awakening no words can describe. A golden path stretched ahead of them leading into eternity and beyond. A passageway of the gods.

What force had corrupted their existence? The highly strategic military code of precision by which they all lived had originally come from a pure source that in the beginning had known the Tao-Te-Ching. Their secret knowledge had come from a small band of men and women who had originally set out to free mankind. The sign their organisation existed to find was encoded into this doorway. The world they had come from shimmered and silently waited for their approach.

Imagine that you stand before the doorway of your own enlightenment and you cannot enter. After a long silence they asked me to convey to the people of earth this message:

What you do you become, and what you become you do

- to others and to yourself -

To continue their evolutionary path these men and women will have to turn around and undo all that has been done.

All humans come to this door

Sooner or later . . .

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