High In The Mountains

The mountains are a dark grey. Smooth, almost polished in appearance, after a heavy rain. From the valley below one cannot see the giant windows, the curving teardrop lens of glass. No one can see the small figure standing behind the protective glass, completely private, completely alone in her world of observation.

Whenever she can, she comes to the observation windows to watch the sky, or to touch the misty clouds with her mind. She listens to the rain, although the windows themselves are too heavy for the sound waves of water droplets falling against the glass. The small hybrid woman can hear the rain no one else hears. The station itself is perfectly quiet, subtly warm and clean. Carved deeply into the side of the mountain, like some modern Anasazi settlement. There is a light that seems to come from the surrounding walls.

I watch her. She has large and beautiful eyes, crystal clear . . . balanced perfectly together with a mind that can look across the rainbow bridge of time, beyond the veil of mountains and into my soul. Between our worlds I see the symbol of infinity curving its pulse across an endless timeless space. I can look through hybrid eyes to watch the sun setting on mountain tops, because those moments are part of my own soul.

How strangely divided we have become from our own inner connections. The core energy being is connected to all that we are across the spinning vortex of time and space. Having seen this future world I sometimes enjoy the brief moments where I look upon the mountains in the wind and the rain. To see the sun rise, or to feel as though I can touch the blue of the sky, it seems so close. My friend of timeless space is myself. The patience shared is the deepest bond of understanding. Who other than myself can look so deeply into my soul and understand?

I wonder why we are living so far away from who we are. Why we are so isolated from our own selves across the crystal spiral of light we call the past, present and future? I look down for a moment . . . I see fleeting seconds of a highland warrior, of a young Indian touching the earth, an elegant spy working for peace; as her eyes close my eyes open . . . I see the tears of a mother, ancient pyramids, the fathers of many civilisations, laughter . . . the bright sun shining at Delphi, Initiations in the underground Temples of Karnak, swimming in clear blue seas.

All these microcosmic elements swirling within the growing awareness of the soul. The lessons become pure light; the shadows urge us to change. I turn again and again, life time after life time, to face my shadow self. I see the eyes of intelligence urging me to change, to evolve, to face myself at every turn. The hardships and the tears transform under the gaze of my own awareness to Love. The crystal spiral of my DNA winds tight into my soul across the stars. The spinning vortex brings me closer, and the deep blue of the sea becomes the endless space of eternity above me.

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