The Master Magician

A door appeared, hidden in canyon walls, deep and impenetrable to the human eye, but not to the human soul. Grandfather from the red canyon was waiting close to the entrance between the cracks in time. As the new moon rose I walked into the tall red passageway, the gateway to a timeless existence. Grandfather was pleased that we had come, and so it was the three of us passed quickly through the door that opens through time.

Far below many cold lights spread like a cancer across vast stretches of the earth. The tall canyons of death the humans called cities waited unknowingly for the biggest sea storm, for it is the sea that commands the earth, and it is the great skies who command the sea. As we watched, a giant wave dropped out of the sky, and all the humans were gone.

Grandfather invited us to walk with him through the red canyons of reality, the place where Magicians live. There was a time, he explained to us, when all the people breathed and knew of magic. Which to the native peoples of the earth simply means: The place inside where dreams live and walk on the earth.

He talked of a time of great magic, where the masters of reality breathed the same air as men. He spoke of whole communities surfing the lines between the worlds, just as a snowboarder surfs the tall snows of the Himalayas. There was a precision to life, a steadiness, and the people knew how to live within this adventure we call life.

We looked back at the flooded area below. The night was dark, and the people had died without precision. Grandfather signalled us to move further into the canyon where elegant figures lined the red walls, speaking of a forgotten time. On the other side of reality the Lords of Time spent hours, sometimes days, studying these timeless abstractions of Cosmic order.

The Master Magician is a man, or so it is written on those red canyon walls, who defines reality. He interacts with the finite precision of Cosmos in a way that further enhances its mystery and its power. High upon the Andean plateauís, deep within virgin forests or hidden in the deserts, whole communities lived according to these most ancient laws.

The Ancestors were/are people who speak across time and space, to educate, to communicate, to listen and to understand, to share and to guide. As the small blue planet Earth wobbled slightly more than is usual, the Masters of Time began their journey across the rainbow bridge of reality.

The surfer surfs the Himalayan snow covered peaks, with the same precise movement as the masters of time. Men and women in coloured robes walked out into their own nakedness, laughing at the absurdity of robes and conditions. The first and last wave dropped onto the grey canyons of death, and the dolphins returned ...

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