Crystal Vortex

There were once Crystal Pyramids. The slender figure of a man stands on the edge of the mountain. Above and below - the destiny of man stands poised on the edge of time. From below it would seem that he might lose his balance. From above it might seem that his balance is perfect. Just as he waits for a sign to begin . . . there is a flash in the distant past. From where he stands the past and the future form an immutable bridge of Light if not of Love.

He did not shield his eyes from the sun blinding the mountaintop. Solid rock, grey and transparent he watches the bright flash of light. There were once Crystalar Pyramids of light. The gateway to the Temple. He does not move as the light spreads into vast concentric circles and Atlantis is gone. In that same moment, perfectly balanced in his mind, a Crystal Pyramid lights the way on the other side of Reality. In the stone is a door, shaped like a teardrop, reflected perfectly by the Sun.

A rainbow appeared that day and every other day a silent bridge across time. Far in the distance, too far to be seen; the slender figure of a man stands poised on a mountaintop. They look at each other for less than a single breath, and the image is gone. Who is to say that the air we breathe is any different than the air they breathe. In that fragile moment it seemed to be one breath.

Down in the valley a wise man finds a diamond. It sits alone under pine trees and close to a crystal clear stream. In the distance a solitary mountain rises majestically from a flat and concentric landscape. The sea can be felt through the needles of the aromatic trees. For a moment it seems there is a solitary pyramid within the diamond he holds. For a moment it seems there is a diamond in the tears of his eyes as he stands upon the mountaintop looking down. Perfectly poised within the Vortex of light.

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