Crystal Bones

Who are you, whose eyes stare out of those silent reflective sockets of bone? Not knowing the crystal diamonds embedded in the expanding breathing fabric of your deepest fears. Believing that the final breath is the thing most to be feared, when your soul expands its fragile wings and leaves behind a friend. Fearing the empty skull rather than longing for its release.

Mirrored in the fractal geometry of your sub-divisions of light, the essence of your soul-mind echoes its perfection within the diamonds. And as your eyes cross the pages of light what part of you looks out and what part of you looks within? Neither one aware of the others existence. So it is your eyes no longer feel the ancient path of bones grown from the dust of the earth, of which you are a part.

And if you could look and see the way your bones looked and felt in the ancestors you once were . . . if only. Instead you search the halls and records of the written words long past. Blind to the spiral of visions within those same inner diamonds of Light. A truth that cannot be placed on any page or light passage of words. That which you fear most, echoed within the most sacred halls of your own mind. Freedom.

So the multi fractal eye turns sublimely within its most ancient socket. Reading the Light codes and forgetting the Key. Turning to look inward. Reflected on those ancient inner caverns of bone. The truth of who you are and why. So it is that the man, who now crouches under the petroglyphs of ancient man, is reading his own inner history. The same that is written within the crystal diamonds. The bones of Star crystals.

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