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Crystal Tor Crystal-Tor is... Cultur La Tene, Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc, Blue Wings, The Kelt, Cernunnos, The White Stag, Zen, The Hooded Ones, Quantum Nodes, Soul Food, Primary Nodes, "Dark Light", Quantum Mind, We Only Eat Stars, Thoth-Phi, Tree of Life...

Crystal-Tor is a full colour print, due to the high quality fine art drawings, which are a complete story in themselves - revealing in story form intricate details of the soul as a time traveller, as we effortlessly navigate the eddies and currents of space-time.. and beyond.

The design and concept behind Crystal-Tor is that our ancestors were not a primitive people grown out of monkeys and jumping out of trees, as the book re-introduces a long forgotten form of individual and cultural communication, used in the future to develop sustainable, highly artistic artisan communities: the hub of the new world.

These communities of the future are based on the lost skills and high culture of the past, a shared resource of our true origins. The work of these artists and innovators will spread out to transform all societies around the world.

Although the work of the artists and artisans include architecture, design, murals, sculpture, art and weaving - the hubs will also create sustainable energy, simple clean water filtration, permaculture, agriculture, science of herbs, a revolution in Hemp and computer innovations, as well as cellular plant technology .. it all goes together .. PDF Preview

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Crystal-Tor takes the form of advanced Remote Viewing situations, written to convey real events as a story or mythology. The events actually took place and the discoveries are applicable to this world. It is not possible to share the re-discovery of our abilities by listing it like a scientific paper, at the same time it is important to realise the potential and the real application(s) of this awareness.

The Teachers actually exist and they have been with us for a very long time. When the spirit leaves the body after death, the teachers are there. You switch to another dimension and the teachers are there. You incarnate on another planet and the teachers are there .. One is never 'alone', no matter how it may seem at the time.

Our ancestors used mythology and storytelling as a doorway into the unknown, because they knew there is no method or technique that can stimulate the already existing connection to the planetary open-source operating system of quantum passageways, the teaching center of the planet. All life-forms receive this teaching .. insects, animals, birds, fish, dinosaurs .. this is not unique to humans, in fact we are the newcomers here.

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