Sacred Halls

We enter sacred halls. Silent Sanctuaries where the soul dwells. Crystal stone almost translucent, silver like the moon, echoes within the borders of our minds. A figure can be seen in the shadows ahead. Your cautious steps resonate within the Crystal caverns of light. The shadow figure seems to fade, and so you walk a little faster. Is this your teacher? Or is this yourself?

My friend, the vortex of the soul, appeared to waver and like you I increased my cautious steps . . . will I arrive at that final destination? Where I see the pale reflection of . . . my friend? The shadows fade behind me, as I follow the translucent crystals into my dreams.

A small pool gathers water, falling over precious stones and polished diamonds set into the smooth rock. The figure of a man appears close to the kiva of rock. Did I see my own reflection in the waters? Did this man see his reflection in my approach?

Silent Petroglyphs resonate across those walls, ancient walls. For a moment it seemed that the stars shone into those caves below, and seeing them I lost all sense of time and space. The shadow of a man appeared for a moment between the stars. The Petroglyph appeared like a fragment of cosmic dust, and I followed this silent trail of crystal into a place where caverns of star dust fall like water into diamonds of light.

Did you think that the journey ahead is earth bound? Did you imagine the caverns filled with mountain crystals and diamonds lie only underneath the earth? Do you believe your presence is confined to foot upon foot of gravity and slow heavy steps, leading where?

As if for a moment, you yourself stand ahead, reflected within those crystal stones. As if for a moment, your own reflection echoes in the stars and points of clear diamond light.

                    Who is to tell you otherwise?

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