Eyes Touching

Who am I? Is that not the first question I asked? Or did the question ask it of me? With the Elves I did not ask such questions. With them I am who I eternally am. Only here, among men, do I pause to consider...

For a moment the walls seemed to contain me, the white ceramic basin catches water flowing down from the metal earth snake coiling up through the wall. I look at the metalic water serpent and I ask myself: What am I doing here? The ceramic is cold to touch and the walls of our existence seem to divide our lives into boxes of reason. Metal water seprpents run within the earth, and our water arrives in a somewhat lifeless state. As we are essentially made of water... are we then also lifeless?

The bones hidden behind our existence structure the frame of the earth walking life form. Do I ask who am I, or do I pause to ask who are these earth walking bones? I somehow know how to command the serpent bringing the flowing lifeless water, and I somehow know how to pass between the walls... long lifeless corridors of life... the serpents bones are also long.

The skull balances, in its own fragile way, at the tip of the most slender column of bones. This silent chamber of the mind echoes with the song of our ancestors. Did they also have to ask: "Who am I?"

The walls of reality define the parameters of our existence? The rectangular bones of the earth offer shelter to the fragile serpents bones? or should I call us dinosaurs? I hear the echoes of ancient spirit walkers whose footsteps echo my own, walk softly on the earth. Do you hear the sound of your own spirit approaching? Does our earthly form offer us a an understanding of the soul?

Are the walls of our homes any different than the slender bones? Perhaps they are? How often do we listen to the sacred echoes within the strange ancestral chamber poised so elegantly at the top of this spiritual ladder. Here it is; a cavern so ancient how can we begin to recognise or value its worth? Is the fragile cavern in which your brain resides made of an alchemists gold? Is it possible that the bones of your race are more valuable than the external reality?

A large blue Heron glides silently over the roof of the house, then across my skull, then across my eyes and then the Heron touches my heart. As the moon rose the sun began to set. Does this vision echo in my mind as sound? Did I hear the Heron fly? Can our slender bones hear?

The Elves simply enjoy the oneness of being. I doubt there is an elf who feels that the oneness is outside and they are inside. If the echoes, poised between the heaven and earth of your mind can see, hear and feel the beauty... then perhaps you are also part of the mystical world?

Within the enclosed caverns of the skull are three perfectly aligned caves from which your eyes cross reality - and if you are aware, they also cross the pages of your own mind. The Celtic knot touches the spiral, a curving strand of DNA touches spirals of living water reflecting our consciousness. Elven eyes touch the living light of existence. Do the human eyes also follow the perfect curve of the mind? Do the eye caverns turn within to the spiritual vision of mankind? Do the eyes see the mountain light above the horizon of the sun?

The Celtic mind searches for and finds the Native American Tibetan mind. Is that because we swam in seas that also reach the farthest shores? Or did we meet in dreams long forgotten? Did your people also see the Elves? Do the caverns of your mind also hear the echoes of our future? Do our eyes also create the sky?

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