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Timetravel Coherence Time^Travel Coherence Undetected behind the physical material layers of reality ...other worlds and dimensions interact through a more powerful force called 'the field'.

All life forms, static and animated, are affected by the 'field'. The Sumerians, Egyptians, Native Americans, Tibetans and the Celts all knew of the field's existence.

Poltergeist, paranormal, UFO and contact phenomenon all come and go within the field. Time^Travel Coherence reveals to the reader that it is interaction with 'the field' itself that creates the powerful paranormal phenomenon that can often frighten the unaware observer.

Time^Travel Coherence suggests that spirits, ghosts, UFO's and other so-called paranormal phenomenon all move in and out of 3D time-space using the field... What can be called 'the unifying field', which connects all realities and is the hub of inter-dimensional, astral and spirit travel into, through and between the worlds.

Storytelling is the way advanced knowing was communicated between communities, tribes, nations and spiritual groups. Shared stories and mythologies was the operating system used by the oldest part of the mind, used as a tool for learning and unique adaptation for individuals incarnate into the 3D dream-time.

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