Shadows Across Time

Predictions are the returning shadows of our memories. Cast across time, the shadows of our own actions return to haunt us. As I carefully watch the Master of the Vortex weaving his way, like strands of DNA across the illusion of time, I observe one thing. He is fully responsible for his actions. He is not divided inwardly nor outwardly from the whole of existence. He is aware of his connection to all that is.

On a psychic level of being I watch occult forces moving across the sands of time. The tools they use are broken and worn. But the people they are attached to cannot put them aside. The arc of light curving above the shadow of their desires is the real enemy they face. The light blue arc of Love. I could not understand their actions until I was shown a meaningless plan that has lasted some three thousand earth years.

On an energy level what is about to happen is very simple. The planet earth is now entering a space within the universe filled with light. A space that has a totally different vibrational level than the one we are used to. Those beings enslaved to the shadows of their desires, will fight those shadows because that is what they see standing in front of them. The enemy is myself. Whatever I have formed throughout the ages will stand before me illuminated in this new vibration of universal light.

The outer physical reality is a reflection of the inner human psyche. Madness is not a state of mind, it is a state of being. Nothing in life remains one-sided for long. The symbol of the Yin and Yang is an example of opposing and uniting forces in a never ending spiral of centeredness. Choosing division and conflict in one lifetime brings you back to become the force that you opposed in the next life time, to become that which you sought to destroy. In the moment of triumph you have chosen your future.

How can I share with you a totally different kind of movement? Imagine a man in whom the spiral of the DNA is perfectly balanced. A man who moves like no one you have seen on this earth before. Because the inner reality of his existence is not divided from the outer creative force. What does it mean to be the master of your own world? To search for, and to find the answer to the question: Who, other than yourself moves in and out the spiralling vortex of each of your lives? Who is responsible for each unfolding reality? For each step taken? For each decision made? Other than you yourself?

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